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10 AI Plugins For Figma That Will Transform Your Workflow

It’s no secret that Figma is a super powerful design tool, and one of the reasons designers, including myself, choose Figma is its seamless integration with plugins.

Today, I decided to test a variety of AI-powered plugins within Figma to explore their capabilities. I specifically chose plugins that are available for free or offer some kind of free trial without requiring credit card details. In this blog post, I’ll provide a brief description of each plugin and share my favorite ones at the end.

1. Wireframe Designer and Concept

This plugin allows you to generate wireframes from text prompts, making it a handy tool for planning tasks. I entered a prompt for a mobile app focused on planning daily tasks to showcase its capabilities.

2. Wire Jet

Similar to Wireframe Designer, Wire Jet generates wireframes from text prompts. It also includes a description with best practices, adding an extra layer of guidance for designers.

3. Text to Design

Functioning similarly to the previous plugins, Text to Design generates small sections of a wireframe from text prompts. Additionally, it serves as a text-to-image generator, consolidating design elements in one place.

4. AI Image Generator

Developed by Free Pick, this plugin caught my eye due to its impressive results compared to the Repix website’s image generator. It’s a powerful tool for generating images based on prompts.

5. Contour AI

As an image/icon generator, Contour AI stands out for its simplicity and beautiful preset styles. It’s user-friendly and allows designers to create icons with ease.

6. Photo Room

This plugin, accompanied by a mobile app, excels at removing and generating realistic background images. It’s highly recommended for social media channels, especially for e-commerce stores.

7. AI Image Upscaler

A useful tool for upscaling images without adding watermarks. It’s fast and effective, providing high-quality results, as demonstrated in the before-and-after comparisons.

8. Scribe AI

Scribe AI is a text replacement plugin that requires selecting a text box and providing prompts for content type, word count, tone of voice, and reading level. It automatically replaces the text based on the provided parameters.

9. Magic Copy

This plugin quickly generates headlines and subtitles for mock-ups, offering a convenient way to replace dummy text without extensive input. While not suitable for creating final content, it streamlines the design process.

10. Font Explorer AI

A plugin for font inspiration, Font Explorer AI helps designers find the perfect font by entering keywords. While not groundbreaking, it’s a handy tool for those seeking font recommendations.


Requiring an OpenAI API key,’s design generator didn’t meet expectations. Despite the tool’s overall excellence, the AI-powered functionalities still require improvement.

Top Three Plugins

After testing these plugins, three stood out as my favorites:

1. Photo Room

With its diverse applications for hero sections, Facebook ads, and Instagram posts, Photo Room impressed me with its high-quality results. Registering on their website provides 10 free credits per month, making it a versatile and valuable plugin for designers.

2. AI Image Upscaler

A reliable and fast tool for upscaling images without compromising quality, the AI Image Upscaler addresses a common need for designers. Its effectiveness in enhancing images is noteworthy.

3. Wireframe Designer and Concept

Despite its somewhat repetitive results, Wireframe Designer showcased polished wireframes that serve as excellent sources of inspiration. Paired with Wire Jet, it becomes a valuable asset for generating design ideas.

Final Thoughts

While these plugins offer creative shortcuts, it’s essential to remember that AI isn’t a substitute for a designer’s creativity and expertise. They can be sources of inspiration on days when creative blocks occur, but the human touch remains indispensable in delivering final results. As the field of AI tools for web designers evolves, it’s crucial to navigate them with discernment, considering their utility and relevance.

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