Sick Building Syndrome

Ever felt really uncomfortable or uneasy in a building? Either a residential home or a work space. You just feel the building playing with your psychological peace and confidence and somehow you can’t seem to get it all together. Well you could be suffering from SICK BUILDING SYNDROME (SBS) and in this article; I’ll be […]

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How To Get Contracts

As I always do in my posts, I make it simple and straight to the points. Some approaches can be achieved online while some can be achieved offline. But I hope that at the end of this write up, a builder can know few approaches he can follow to secure contracts for himself. Set up […]

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What You Should Know Before Deciding To Become An Architect

1. The discipline is full of criticism and it has a way of making lecturers,find it hard to award you reasonable marks. I remember when i was in my first year and after being stressed only to be awarded marks like -8/10,i called my parents to buy a new jamb form for me. I told […]

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How Important Is Fencing

How important is it to fence a property especially a residential house? I have over time considered the concept of fencing and have weighed its advantages and disadvantages. I feel it both serves a purpose to either fence or not fence a compound. I don’t know which outweighs the other (advantages or disadvantages), so I […]

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Why Architects Should Get Their Works Online

As a client who has a building taste (bridge, residential or a high rise building) which of course will be designed and produced or developed by a civil engineer, architect, it is quite clear that you must have an Architect within your area, this is common among every client, after all, there are many architects […]

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Advantages Of Building Your House With Plastic Bottles

Say hello to plastic bottles! These days, plastic bottles have gone beyond drinking and throwing away to drinking and stacking up for construction. Some might be amazed; some even go as far as imagining how houses would look like if built with plastic bottle. Some wonder if it is even possible to build with bottles. […]

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Why You Should Build Your House With Salt

Concrete and mud have been the most convenient conventional building materials we’ve known for ages, even though mud is slowly losing its relevance. However, there are some other materials that are more economical and environment friendly like cake, salt, bottle, wood etc. maybe we will do a full scale article on some of these unusual […]

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