8 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

1: Kilauea, Hawaii

Located in Hawaii, a place known for its beautiful beaches and a worldwide spot for holidays and get aways. However, Kilauea is not among our favorites as it is disturbed by volcanic eruptions around the beach. It occurs from time to time for years at mount Kilauea loacated near the beach.

2: Gaansbai South Africa:

Popularly known for presence of white sharks, this beautiful beach is not good for swimming but perfect for diving although you will have to do that with shark cages unless you want to feed yourself to those hungry sharks. And because of the presence of sharks in this beach, it has been nicknamed “the great white shark capital of the world”
3: Playa Zipolite:

Located on the southern coast of Oaxara state Mexico, this beach is known for its powerful rip tide. It s nick named playa de los Muertos which means “the beach of the dead”. Though one of the gorgeous beaches you can find in Mexico, it is unfortunately very dangerous due to the big waves and strong dangerous under currents that’s killed so many people over the years. Hence, a life guard team that’s been trained and more skilled than your ordinary life guard has been placed in this beach.

4: Chowpatty beach, india:

Found in Mumbai, this is the most polluted beach in the world. Each year, the residents celebrate one of the popular Indian festivals in the beach. They bring their gods and wash them in the beach thereby leaving the water dirty and polluted. Residents usually fall sick after the festival because of soaking in the dirty water.

5: Northern Territory Beaches, Australia:

This is a poisonous beach. So many poisonous and dangerous sea animals reside in this beach
(Jellyfish, stone fish, etc). The jellyfish found here is the most venomous jellyfish in the world. They grow to be 11ft wide with over 60 tentacles that grow to be over 6ft long. They’re transparent hence can’t be seen. The string can kill within 5 minutes if medical help is not administered. Many people go into cardiac arrest before they reach shore and die after 5 minutes.

6: Volusia County Florida:

Florida is known for its gorgeous beaches but Volusia County isn’t one of them. There are more sharks in this water than Gaansbai of South Africa. If you’re visiting a beach in Florida avoid the Volusia.

7: Fraser Beach Australia:


The water is home to sharks and jelly fish. As if it’s not enough, the beach sand contains deadly spiders and crocodiles, you can’t swim in the water for fun, neither can you sit in it for sun.

8: North sentinel island, Andaman Islands:

I wish I could say it’s one of the beaches you have to worry about sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish or even very high wave tide or undercurrent, but no. this is not one of them. This is one is fear for humans, fellow human beings like me and you. Apparently, residents occupying this island do not welcome strangers no matter what. They are very protective of the island, hence they shoot at sight with arrows once they sight any visitors headed to the beach no matter how far you are. Please avoid this beach.

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