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I like nature; I’m a worshipper of nature and everything God-made. I see beauty in everything that naturally exists, particularly water bodies, they intrigue me largely. From rivers to streams, seas, oceans; and even our little swimming pool.
Amongst all, Waterfalls trip me the most. They’re so beautiful and amazing, I took my time to look into them one after the other and I came up with a list of the most amazing waterfalls around the world. This time it’s just in my head, but I hope to visit them all someday.
1.The Victoria Falls:

Starting from my own very Africa, located in the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe is this gi-normous wonder of nature spanning at width of 1.7km and 108km height, it is known as the biggest waterfall in the world; yea you heard me, the whole wide world. It is also known to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sights.
Victoria Falls houses the very famous Devil’s pool, one of the most amazing natural pools in the world. Victoria falls is not the highest nor the widest, but its combination and height and width makes it the biggest waterfall in the world.

2. Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia:

Located in plitvice lakes national park Croatia, this waterfall is one of interest. Not only is it one waterfall, it is a collection of many waterfalls cascading down the cliff on their own. It is really a site to visit and a sight to behold. The many waterfalls brought about many lake bodies that water and bring life to the surrounding eco system which is green and full of life.
3. Erawan Falls, Thailand:

Located in the tenasserim hills of kanchanaburi province, western Thailand, this seven tiered fall is said to resemble Erawan the three headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. ( I wonder why “erawan”, the god they say has three heads and here we have a fall with seven tiers. Why “erawan”?). The waterfall has been around since 1975. Visitors troop in all year round to visit this beautiful Croatian fall.
4. Gaping Gill, England:

Yet another made by nature, located in the Ingleborough Mountains, Yorkshire, it is a natural cave known to be the second largest cave in the world, the highest unbroken waterfall in England and the largest underground chamber naturally open to the surface.
A system called Fell Beck flows into it. The Bradford pothole club and craven pothole club each provide a ride to the bottom and back up the shaft through a winch they provide.
5. Russell Falls, Tasmania:

Located in the central highlands region of Tasmania, Australia, in the mount field national park, Russell falls is a big deal. The falls has three tiers which includes the upper curtain, a lower curtain and a bathroom curtain. This falls is popular tourist site as its image was used for on a set of pictorial postage stamps aimed at promoting the then colony’s growing tourist industry.
The way water jumps over the cliff and falls freely feels like standing under a shower, or in this case, a natural shower.
6. Shifen Waterfall, Taiwan:

This is not so high; just about 66ft, which is just about 20 m. but its width spans abest waterfall in Taiwan. It is located in Pingxi district of new Taiper city, Taiwan.
The Shifen fall is a cascade waterfall. This means that the water flows in one direction but the rocks are sloped in another direction. Of you take a look at the fall, you’ll notice that they fall facing each other.
7. Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia:

In the Amharic language, it is known as Tis Abay meaning “great smoke” which refers it as the smoking water. It is found on the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. It consists of four main streams. A short distance from the fall sits an old bridge constructed in Ethiopia in 1626! (Yea, that old). The fall is a main tourist attraction in Ethiopia.

8. Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Lebanon:

Also known as the ‘baatara gorge sinkhole” balaa gorge waterfall. Was discovered in 1952, known as the cave of three bridges, which sincerely is nature at its best. Breath taking caves and bridges with water falling right beside them in just one drop. The bridges is a 5-minute journey below where one sees three natural bridges rising one above the other and over hanging a chasm descending into mount Lebanon. Although the water is not voluminous, it is still breath-taking.

9.Niagara Falls, Canada/US:

Located at the border of Ontario Canada and New York, United States; the Niagara is one , United States; the Niagara is one of the most popular falls around the world. It has three drops and falls at a height of 167ft (51m0. It gets its water from Niagara River and houses the popular Niagara gorge. It falls with such a force and vigor that when you’re around there all can hear is the mighty noise of the water.
This is not far from why it was named the world’s biggest water fall by volume dropping 7000 cubic  meters per second. It is the oldest tourist attraction in North America with millions trooping in per year to visit. The three falls are the Horseshoe Falls, the American falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.

10.Havasu Falls, Arizona:

Located in the western part of the grand canyon, havasu falls stands on the havasupai Indian reservation within the Havasupai tribal lands. There att the Havasupai creek lies five different falls-navajo falls, fifty foot falls, havasu falls, mooney falls and beaver falls; but havasu falls stands out amongst all as it’s the most popular.
High calcium carbonate concentration in the water colors the fall blue-green and forms the natural travertine dams that occur in various places near the fall. The rock surrounding the pool is red in color, the fall is white and the pool is blue-green, this contrast makes the site very beautiful. The deeper you go in the pool, the more blue the water.

11.Langfossen Falls, Norway:

Located at Etne Hordaland, Norway. Water falls down at 2008ft (612m) over the mountain. It is one of the few in Norway that hasn’t been used on hydroelectric power generation, hence still in its natural state. The World Waterfall Database declared it as one of the ‘best in the world’
12.Angel Falls, Venezuela:

The world’s higest uninterrupted waterfall towering at 3211ft (979m) with a plunge of 2368ft (807m). angel falls like Victoria falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The fall is names after Jimmie Angel, a US aviator and first person to fly over the fall. Angel waterfall being the tallest waterfall in the world with two drop falls from a table top mountain, Auyun-Tepuy.

13.St. Clair’s Falls, Sri Lanka:

Also known as ‘little niagara of sri lanka’, it is one of the six waterfalls affected by the upper kotmale hydropower project. The fall is a two drop fall as it flows over three rock outcrop onto a large pool; running through a tea estate from which the falls derive their name. the names of the drops are’ maha ella’ (Sinhalese “the greater fall”) which is 260ft (80m) high and 160ft (50m) wide, then ‘kuda ella’ (Sinhalese the “lesser fall”) which is 160ft (50m) high.

14.Bigar Falls, Romania:

Most beautiful fall in Romania; covered in mosses and stones as the water flows right through and over them. It is so lovely it is referred to as the miracle from the Minis Canyon”. It flows over a green carpet of moss with some flows round about. If you haven’t seen a beautiful fall, then you haven’t seen the bigar fall.

15. Tugela Falls, South Africa:

Competing first place with angel falls in world’s tallest waterfall stands this 3110ft (948m) fall with a total of five drops in South Africa. The longest drop is 1348ft (411m) and that is longer than most waterfalls we know. It’s been accepted to come second place to Angel but still in contention.

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