Success in fashion business involves the same general principles used in achieving success in any other business. But in this post, I will list and explain these principles in a more detailed approach in relationship with fashion business. These principles are: •passion  •persistence  •target the big guys  •maintain a good relationship  •thrift  •do the designs […]

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Identifying A Fake Steel Bar Using Chemical And Physical Methods

  As a contractor,civil engineer, architect, building technologist, etc who is knew into field work,you may be having issues with your confidence. Well, that was me some years back. After graduation, I got my first contract and I was supposed to be excited but funny enough, I wasn’t. I had doubts and fears about competence […]

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Courtallam (Kutralam ) Waterfalls , South India’s Natural Spa .

  Courtallam or kutralam is a spa waterfall town located in Tenkasu Tirunelvedi district, Tamil Nadu, india. This town has earned the title ‘spa of south India’ due to various health resorts springing up due to the presence of medicinal waterfalls around the area. Courtallam has nine various waterfalls namely Peraruvi (main falls), In Chitraruvi […]

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Bank of American Tower

Energy efficient skyscraper, the Bank of American tower The bank of American tower is the fifth tallest building in New York. Located in the avenue between 42nd and 43rd street; and close to Times Square New York, opposite Bryant Park (maybe why it’s called one Bryant Park). It is in the midtown of Manhattan in […]

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How To Clean Brick Wall

Brick wall spells class, they look antique but they’re definitely classy. it adorns any structure built with it. How about making these walls stand out by keeping them clean. Here is a simple way you can take care of your brick wall. There are so many ways to keep your wall clean; from a simple […]

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8 Most Dangerous Beaches In The World

1: Kilauea, Hawaii Located in Hawaii, a place known for its beautiful beaches and a worldwide spot for holidays and get aways. However, Kilauea is not among our favorites as it is disturbed by volcanic eruptions around the beach. It occurs from time to time for years at mount Kilauea loacated near the beach. 2: […]

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First Ice Hotel In The World Located In Sweden

Lately, ice hotels have been built in so many places; it’s almost becoming a trend. But they are all thanks to the first ice hotel built in the history of man, the ice hotel located in Jukkasjärvi village in northern Sweden. And till date, it is still the first and the biggest ice hotel ever […]

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Amazing Waterfalls Around The World ld

I like nature; I’m a worshipper of nature and everything God-made. I see beauty in everything that naturally exists, particularly water bodies, they intrigue me largely. From rivers to streams, seas, oceans; and even our little swimming pool. Amongst all, Waterfalls trip me the most. They’re so beautiful and amazing, I took my time to […]

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The Clearest River In The World , The Valle Verzasca

  The Valle Verzasca located in Ticino Switzerland has been named the clearest river in the world. It is a 30km long mountain river originating from Pizzo Barone and flowing into Lake Maggiore. It runs about 10m deep and runs an average temperature of 7-10°C. it is very cold, swimming here is highly prohibited. The […]

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Grasscrete Pavers For Or Your Our Driveways , Walkways And Pathways

Grasscrete pavement is gradually taking over. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes (so much greened pattern to behold); it is also relatively cheap, eco-friendly and easy to install. The good thing is that its use is not restricted; it could be used in homes for driveways and walkways, used in recreation parks, car […]

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