Courtallam (Kutralam ) Waterfalls , South India’s Natural Spa .


Courtallam or kutralam is a spa waterfall town located in Tenkasu Tirunelvedi district, Tamil Nadu, india. This town has earned the title ‘spa of south India’ due to various health resorts springing up due to the presence of medicinal waterfalls around the area.
Courtallam has nine various waterfalls namely Peraruvi (main falls), In Chitraruvi (small falls), Shenbagadevi falls, Thenaruvi (honey falls), pazhatholta Aruvi (for VIPs only), Pazhaya Courtalla Aruvi (old Courtallam falls), Puli Aruvi (Tiger falls).

The water in these falls are only voluminous during periods of heavy rainfall (June to September). The falls have medical qualities as it flows over a vegetation of medicinal herbs hence its ability to cure lots of ailments. It has been reported to have capacity to cure mental illness once a patient baths under the falls.

Visitors troop in and out once the water volume rises. No visitors are allowed during flooding, the waterfalls’ security (police men) make sure of that. Numerous visitors troop in to bath in these falls such that one has to wait tin a queue till it gets to your turn. Large volume of water falls from the rocks. It relaxes and calms the body, just like an actual spa massage. The water cures many ailments as it contains lots of medicinal herbal and therapeutic qualities.

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