Grasscrete Pavers For Or Your Our Driveways , Walkways And Pathways

Grasscrete pavement is gradually taking over. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes (so much greened pattern to behold); it is also relatively cheap, eco-friendly and easy to install. The good thing is that its use is not restricted; it could be used in homes for driveways and walkways, used in recreation parks, car parks, etc. Follow the steps easily and prepare a portable grass pavement for your walkway, driveways and everywhere else.

Start with preparation, clear and level the site. Remove every grass and anything else pre-existing. Install the edge framework to form an edge and structure for the concrete about to be poured.
Install a sub-base structure to give the pavers required strength. Pour gravel and top it with 10/20 fine sand, spread it across evenly across the whole platform and consolidate to place.
Lay the plastic formers on the finished sub-base. Leave gap from the framework, about a 100mm. Install the plastic formers edge by edge, anchor each new one to the former and ensure it is firmly fixed in place. Cut formers if need be to fit into bends and corners, the plastic is not hard so this has to be easy. Gently tap on the pavers to put them firmly in place.
Install mesh for reinforcement. The driveway needs to be strong enough to withstand every load put on it. Thousands of cars and passers-by use it every other day; it has to be strong enough to withstand every load put on it.
Pour concrete all over to the top of the formers. Use a squeegee to level up and finish as required. Allow concrete 48-72 days to harden; or sometimes even more.
Use hammer to break plastic formers to create place for grass. Do this only when the concrete has completely hardened to avoid deformation.
Pour sand into void form base for grass. Water it into place and plant the grass seed; continue to water steadily for at least two weeks, and then continue to water as much as needed. With time grass would continue to grow till your pavement is ready.

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