Tips on Choosing Shingle Color For The Roof

Add value to your property with shingle color. No matter how insignificant or simple a color is, choice of colors and its combination can turn a simpleton to a mind blowing piece. Some builders don’t think much about the external environment, their budget just dwells within the living spaces. But have you taken time to think about placing that property in the market. What will be its value? Despite how many bedrooms you have, if the external view is not eye catchy, I will definitely flip till I get what may attract me.
Here are tips on how to bring out the best out of your property with colors, not just for viewing pleasure but also your maximum comfort as a resident.
According to the climate of the area your house is located; choice of color is determinant on the degree of temperature around you. It does not just apply on the cloth we wear; it also applies on the house we live in. Darker colors like black absorb heat. Dark shingles is perfect for homes in colder climate, which means that the house temperature can rise thereby keeping your home warm. Light or white color shingles on the other hand reflect sunlight. This means that the house temperature is down thereby making everywhere relatively cold. This is good for homes in hot climates like Africa.
Add value to your homes for resale purposes. The roof color and the external home will make a great first impression in the market so choose carefully, a great color for your roof. Roofs can guarantee at least 20 years of longevity; imagine spending 20 years with a color you’ll wish you never chose, especially living with the reality that you can’t repaint your roof. This is how you can combine your colors for the best.

House colorShingle color
Yellow Dark brown, black, grey, green
Wood or log houseBrown, green, tan
White Grey, black, blue, white, almost any color
Siding (earth or earth-toned vinyl)Brown or tan shingles
RedDark brown, black, grey, green
Blue Grey or black shingle
Biegel creamGreen, blue, brown, black, grey

High pitch roof helps make your house visible from street level. The roof color should effortlessly harmonize with the environment. Colors like grey, brown, green should sink with the green landscape, floor pavers and maybe water bodies around.

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