How Important Is Fencing

How important is it to fence a property especially a residential house? I have over time considered the concept of fencing and have weighed its advantages and disadvantages. I feel it both serves a purpose to either fence or not fence a compound. I don’t know which outweighs the other (advantages or disadvantages), so I would like for us to discuss the concept of fencing a property so we can evaluate whether we should or not fence properties.
1. Keeps the aesthetic value out of view: Fences are beautiful, they could pose a lot of advantages. But fine as they come, they seem to block view. A residential house with a very beautiful landscape environment is kept out of the view of onlookers and passersby. Nobody gets to see how beautiful and green your compound is.
2. Thieves can still scale the fence: Most times people fence their compounds cause of fear of unlawful and forceful intruders like thieves. They feel secure once a fence is erected in their properties. But has this really stopped thieves from visiting whom they want to visit? Thieves still scale fences to enter any compound they want to. They have over time mastered the skill of scaling so they simply jump in and rob you silly.
3. Neighbors won’t have an idea when you’re being robbed: During robbery incidents in your house, neighbors won’t have the tiniest incline you are being robbed. Fencing can be perfect for privacy, It makes neighbors unaware of what goes on in your house; this includes when you’re being robbed. Which means no one’s gonna dial 911 on your behalf…
4. Costs money to erect: Fences can be pretty expensive, the more sophisticated the design, the more money it costs. Money used in erecting a fence could be used exclusively to buy better materials to finish our homes or better still buy state-of-the-art facilities and install in our homes.
5. Interaction with neighbors is slowed down: Well, irrelevant as it may appear, it is of the utmost importance to have a good interaction with neighbors. Fences can feel a bit secluded. It doesn’t allow swift communication flow. This slows down communication with neighbors.
1. Security: Fences provide a bit of security. The security might not be 100% guaranteed but they can serve to keep intruders away. Again, if a property is fenced, it’d be hard for outsiders to figure out the configuration of your compound (thieves most especially). No one that has never entered your compound is going to tell where what is.
2. Demarcation of property: Fences can be built to set a clear boundary between properties. It separates your property from your neighbors’. So many people have unlawfully used a portion of a nearby piece of land that’s not theirs to do whatever suits them without permission from the lawful owner. This has caused misunderstanding which sometimes bursts into a serious fight. So the best is just to secure your property once it is purchased with a fence to avoid such misunderstandings.
3. Privacy: For those that enjoy their privacy, a fence is advised. Nobody intrudes your property without your permission (except burglars of course). You can decide to step outside your house without being noticed by passersby because the fence has provided a covering to keep you away from straying eyes. Nobody knows what goes on inside, or at least, they can only know as much as the fence allows them.
4. Aesthetics: Fences can be beautiful. They come in difference sophisticated designs. The good thing about them is they are not stereotyped. You can customize your own fence to your own taste. Fences really can make a building stand out especially high fences which give viewers that ‘wow’ feeling when they behold it. Fences can be adorned in such a way that it’ll give the building it surrounds a state-of-the-art look.
5. Trespassers/ stray walkers: nobody carelessly walks into your compound. You wouldn’t be scared of trespassers stepping on the plants and vegetation in your compound. Your green light stays alive, statues and monuments remain undestroyed. Nobody stains your walls with stains either knowingly or unknowingly.
In conclusion, fences have both advantages and disadvantages. From the above listed, please share your opinion. What is your take on the topic? Is fence really worth the hassle? Please let’s hear your opinion…..

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