How To Clean Brick Wall

Brick wall spells class, they look antique but they’re definitely classy. it adorns any structure built with it. How about making these walls stand out by keeping them clean. Here is a simple way you can take care of your brick wall.

There are so many ways to keep your wall clean; from a simple cleansing solution to washing with chemicals.
Keep your garden hose or pressure washer handy. The dirt will be washed off with a little force from splashed water, but if wall is damaged and can’t withstand much force, then this piece is for you. Read down to for solution.
1: For simple dirt on brick wall:
Wash thoroughly with spray hose from garden. Use ordinary water: but in a case where dirt is a bit stubborn use soapy water and brush.
2: To get rid of mildew moss and moss:
Prepare a simple solution with water and bleach. This mixture is mild enough; however, it is advised to use hand glove in case of sensitive skin and protective glasses in case of eye contact. Use a stiff bristled brush to scrape off moss and mold. Leave to sit in for about a week to see if there’ll be any harsh or unwanted reaction on the wall. If there is none, proceed to wash entire wall surface with washing solution and leave to sit for about 2-4 days before rinsing off with water.
– For bleach, use bleach that contains chlorine.
– Do not use rusted wire-bristled brush as rust stain might stain the solution and brick.
-Use a garden hose with pressure nozzle to achieve little forced spray on the wall.
-Before applying wash solution, use scrub brush first to manually remove moss before using water.
-Wet wall first before applying solution.
-Use pressure washer to wash on difficult moss. Remember, do not use on damaged wall.
-Pressure washer should always be the last resort.
-If there’s rust stain on brick, remove with oxalic acid. Though muriatic is often recommended it is not advisable anymore.

3: To remove oil stain from wall:
Use trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaning solution. Make a thick paste of detergent and water and add TSP to it. Dip brush in paste and thoroughly scrub the wall. Rinse out thoroughly with warm water till you wash any lingering residue from wall.
Incase TSP is unavailable, supplement with ammonia. Please protect eyes and skin throughout. Mix about half liter of ammonia with a bucket of water. Dip brush in solution and scrub thoroughly. Rinse off with water till very clean
– Always run a test on every chemical solution prepared. First use a part of the wall and leave for about 7 days to ensure there are no harsh outcomes before running through on entire surface.
– Use chemical solution s in external wall surfaces or internal walls with proper ventilation
– Always protect eyes with goggle glasses. Wear a hand glove in case of skin contact with chemical solution. It’s no news that chemical solutions are not friends with the skin; just stay protected always.

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