How To Get On And Off An Escalator

How to get on and off an escalator
It shouldn’t be hard, don’t embarrass yourself f first in your head before you get to use it in the first place. Escalator is no magic so don’t be scared of it. Some people are, I wonder why. I’ve seen funny videos of people falling while attempting to get off or on an escalator, or people moving against the elevator. I think people just have to be enlightened well enough; but before all that, put aside the fear of escalators and just enjoy life that’s been made easy.
Observe the escalator and ensure it is moving in the direction you’re going. Do not get on an escalator that’s coming down when you intend to be going up. i.e ensure it is going away from you not towards you.
Observe the escalator; notice the movement of the stairs. They start off flat and mobile until it forms into a step.
Step up onto the step once you near the end of the flat surface.
Hold onto the hand rail to gain stability. If you can free-stand, then feel free to do so.
Don’t be distracted, keep your eyes on the escalator and step off promptly. Quickly move away from the step off top to avoid traffic…this is all that is to an escalator.

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