Success in fashion business involves the same general principles used in achieving success in any other business. But in this post, I will list and explain these principles in a more detailed approach in relationship with fashion business.
These principles are:
•target the big guys 
•maintain a good relationship 
•do the designs of clothing and accessories 
•blog about fashion 
•become a stylist 
•dress well 
•buy in bulk 
•be bold 
•do videos 
•become an Instagram fashionista 
• start modeling shows 
• celebrate your achievements from time to time 
•attend events 
•work with boutiques 
•don’t overlook the traditional media stations.        

Many people have been struggling in fashion business because it’s not their passion. They probably started fashion designing because there was no job after school or there were no opportunities coming from what they actually have passion for, and within that time the best opportunity they got to be busy was to learn sowing. So, the big question is, is fashion business really your passion? If it’s not, then you can’t function well if you want to run it by yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that it’s not one’s passion that makes him succeed in business rather it’s “doing what it takes” that makes him succeed. But take it from me, it’s hard for anyone without “passion” for a particular business to “do what it takes” to succeed in that business. Why? Because this “what it takes” that business coaches talk about can be very stressful. And when you don’t love or enjoy what you do, it will feel like a burden to you. Infact, you will see yourself setting limits to what you can do or not do. This means that it’s better to run it as a passion in order to give it what it takes or better still, hand it over to a trustworthy and more passionate person to run it for you.


There are too many challenges that come with fashion business. This challenges can only be overcome by a persistent heart. It may be from the customers or from your staff or from taxation bodies or capital. This challenges will try to discourage you from pushing on with your fashion business but the question is, how persistent can you be. The answer to this question is not as simple as you might think until you actually start. I have seen a lot of guys who tried to do fashion business, especially decoration business but they later gave up because of the competition, taxation and some other constraints they met along the line.
So if you really want to make money from fashion, then you have to be ready to persist and resist the challenges that come with especially during the initial stage. Be ready never to give up. This is very important.

Target the big guys 
Another move to make to earn cool money in fashion business is to target the big guys. To achieve this, you need to live the rural area. This is because, these big guys work in big companies, do business in cities with high population and get large income.
These big guys do not have the level of mindset, people in rural areas have because of their low income.

Those in rural areas can’t give you the amount you can charge and make huge profit.
I know a friend who opened a fashion house in my village. He believed that he could make it from any where. He sowed some clothes and called some models based in my village to display the clothes to people he hoped to invite and buy his clothes.
He set up the venue but ended displaying those clothes to himself because the invitees never showed up.
They all gave excuses for not coming. But the truth is, it’s not in the mindset of a Nigerian village based to spend so much money buying from you what he can buy cheap elsewhere. Trust me, I talk as a guy who has spent so much time in the rural area.
•Maintain a good relationship 
For a business to strive well, one needs loyal customers. So, how can one get loyal customers? It all depends on how you deal with the customers that come around.
Before a customer becomes loyal, there must have been a level of relationship that must have grown between him and you as a business man.
This relationship can only be maintained when you make this customers happy. And trust me, if your customer is happy, then you are a rich man.
• Thrift
Thrift, one of the ways to make some money out of your great fashion sense is to use that sense to find amazing pieces at thrift or buy in consignment shops. After you find these pieces and buying them at a much lower price than you otherwise would, you can either keep them for yourself, if you are your size, or you can sell them online for much more than you originally paid. This is a simple yet effective way to make some money using your eye for fashion.
•do the designs of clothing and accessories 
If you enjoy making your accessories or sewing your own clothing, you can take it to the next step and sell the pieces you design online. If you are more into designing jewelry, but do not want to make them yourself, then you can sell your design concepts to a jewelry shop and make money out of the royalties when they sell the jewelry. If you plan on selling your designs online, then look into various websites where you can list your jewelry for a low price and get the highest percentage out of the sale itself.
•Blog about fashion
You can combine a love for fashion and for writing by starting your very own fashion blog. You can dedicate your fashion blog to reviewing various clothing brands and different styles to help out others or you can use is to detail your outfits and what inspired you to put them together. You might be asking how you would be making money off of a blog. The answer to your question is by monetizing the blog you are writing. You can monetize your blog by contacting various companies asking them to sponsor you or by giving them advertising space on your blog or you apply for Google AdSense program.
•Become a stylist
If you do not enjoy writing, but still want to advise people about what they should be wearing, then becoming a stylist is the best way to do so. Whether you work as a personal stylist or an online stylist, you can still impart your fashion knowledge on people and get paid to do so. Being an online stylist also means that you can get money while you are lounging around your home just by giving out advice which can be done anywhere and anytime.
Dress well
There is a common saying that people address you according to how you dress. That saying works very well in fashion business.
In fashion business, you the owner of the fashion line should also be a model. People should also want to wear what you wear.
I remember when a guy came to me in Owerri and asked me if I  designed the clothe I was wearing by myself just by sighting me from far. And for real, I did the design by myself. And it was tailored for me.
Buy In Bulk
Although this idea does not necessarily make you extra money, it saves you a ton of it, so it is still something to keep in mind. Just like in any other purchase, buying clothing items and accessories at bulk-price is the best way to get great clothes for very low prices. If you are looking for shoes prices, searching for websites that sell shoes at lower prices will yield better results than regular shops. Keep in mind that even if what you saved when buying the shoes isn’t much, in the long run, you will be saving hundreds if not thousands.
Be bold
This can not be overemphasized. There’s no business that can do well  without boldness.
Without boldness,you can’t even convince a customer to buy your product. In this case your product is your clothes and accessories.
•Make videos 
To make money with your passion for fashion is to use YouTube or other similar platforms to make videos related to fashion. Making fashion advice videos or styling videos will make you gain money through viewers and you will be doing something you enjoy in the process. You can also make DIY videos to help others if you are into designing jewelry or clothes or you can make videos with different fashion related hacks. This will require some work though, because you will need to be able to edit as well as make your videos as entertaining as possible to maintain viewers’ interest.
•Become an Instagram fashionista
Did you know you could be making money off of social media sites like Instagram? You can use your Instagram page to become a kind of ambassador for certain companies if you have the right content for their brand. By uploading posts detailing your outfits of the day, styles as well as reviews on Instagram, you can be contacted by various fashion companies asking you to try out their products or review them for your followers. Sometimes, companies will ask for your help to market their products and not just review them. This is a great method to make your way into the fashion industry without even studying fashion. Of course, you will have to post photos and other content regularly to remain on the watch list.
•Fashion sales rep
Being a fashion sales rep does not mean you have to work at a store and constantly be folding clothes and dealing with annoying customers. You can be a fashion sales rep for different companies by contacting them and selling their clothes or accessories from the convenience of your home. This also means that you are the one picking whom you want to invite to look at the clothes you are selling and therefore you can avoid having annoying customers around. If you plan on making money off of this then look for reputable companies that you trust will give you the commission you deserve.
• Start a fashion show
To make this a reality you have to first select a venue that will complement your collection and vision, after that, you choose your models,select a theme and clothing, create an atmosphere and then Market, promote, and organise.
To make money from fashion shows, it has to come from the sponsors who want to use your platform to advertise their products or services.
Then there are the buyers who either want to buy in large quantity to sell or they need for themselves.
I am sure you want that,so give it a thought.
•attend events
I can’t stress much on this one because it applies in every show business. For you to get backers,buyers, sponsors, clients,etc, you need to find these guys and create a relationship with them. When there’s a relationship,there flows the cash.
•don’t overlook the traditional media
O yes! It may surprise you to know that it’s not every Dick and Harry that are on the internet. Some of your potential customers still stick to the radio and tv sets for informations. 
So, still submit your adverts to radio and tv stations.
I believe the points are clear. Now, it’s time to apply these points in your fashion business

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