The life of an architect is such that even when he/she is in school studying; he begins to make money, this is because he gets jobs from clients who are looking for architects who will do, if not a full design, some architecture related jobs; but won’t charge much to do these jobs, in this situation a student architect usually suffices pretty good. However easy this might sound, it doesn’t exactly go the same way for every architecture student as some do not have the necessary connection to attract these jobs to themselves.
Funny enough, those that have been unable to attract contracts to their sides should not feel sad anymore. This is because for the first time Ewa Ikenna, an architecture blogger and founder of has come up with a better way for students to make steady income while in school. This pocket saving way can tempt him to wish to remain a student for a longer time! Funny isn’t it? Well that might just happen to you if you follow strictly what I’m about to outline. That is why we are putting out this article to help our visitors make more money quicker as professionals with the aid of the internet.
There is a challenge I have taken time to discover among students. They are trained in a way they develop this pride in their projects as regards their personal efforts. Everyone is very much proud of his work that they find it hard to share their concept with their fellow students. There is always this idea that the concept will be stolen and incorporated in another’s work….funny enough, these same students go online and browse on other people’s works and projects and use/steal their concepts for their own design. They know the importance of going through what already exists to enable them develop theirs but do not want to share theirs to enable other freshers get ideas for their own projects.
This carefulness has eaten deep into some of them and has at such, denied them opportunities such as uploading their works to online platforms that help them utilize them very much like They fail to realize there are many potential clients online who are looking for what they have. Student architects need to free their minds and share their designs online especially in such platforms that one (buyer) can pay them (seller/student) to get copies to enable them develop their own work.
Now, three things will happen to your work when you share them online:
Your work will be corrected by a senior/professional colleague
Concepts are adopted from your work by another person/professional
Someone buys your work from you to enable such person develop another
Now, how do you make money from uploading your work online?
Very simple! It’s been earlier mentioned that there are online platforms where one can upload and sell school projects to people who are doing research on same topics. One might ask, who are these people buying work online? Answer is very simple. There are many newbies either in field work or architecture schools that are usually lost once given their first project. They do not know what to do or how to go about it; and as such are usually in dire need of help or guideline. Being once a fresh student in architecture school, I know that feeling when you’re given your very first design project and you do not know how a presentation paper even looks like. It gets worse when you’ve seen your colleagues who have done theirs (because they were road side architects before enrolling in school), the intimidation gets worse. But imagine you have an idea of a couple websites like where you can go and check if you can see same project that’s been done by someone in the past. You can just go there and get hold of your preliminaries especially your DESIGN BRIEF and CONCEPT and from there, develop your own drawing. One might ask, can’t I just ask around to get them? Well you can but most times you get so many discouraging responses like, “ I just gave it out”, “ I can’t find mine”, “ I can’t give it out”, “it’s my intellectual property”, etc. so many will be willing to give it out if you monetize it.
You can’t monetize it if you give it to a colleague in school cause of the existing relationship; you know friends and all.
You can sell one project over and over again as long as you keep having buyers who are requesting your work.
You get to market as an upcoming architect
You get to meet people who would want to establish a good working relationship. You meet people who would like your tracing and graphics skills and would want to invite you over, if you are close, to help them with some works. Don’t forget you’ll be paid to do this.
HOW DO I UPLOAD MY WORK ONLINE? is the only online platform I know with such services so this procedure is only for the above website.
Make sure you have a very good camera or a phone with a good camera
Take a picture of the 3D perspective drawing of your design; or you could get ready a rendered picture file of the CAD work of same project.
Go to
Go to school defense sub-category under the academics category and upload them with the title.
Please don’t forget the ‘title’ is the most important part of this whole procedure. So make sure to always define every 3D drawing you upload online

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