Plan the city before the city plans you

Recently,it looks like some of our active Nigerian state governors are waking up and are trying to turn major cities in their states to the likes of New york,Dubai,etc. But the challenge here is that most Nigerians have little or no enlightenment and some of those who are enlightened,as a result of greed, have made up their mind to pay no attention to the urban planning master plan of each location. And this has been weakening urban development whenever there is an attempt on construction.
There are two basic activities that contribute to the urban and rural development.
1. Expansion of existing roads
2. Introduction of new roads
3. Construction of other social amenities like hospitals,etc
But based on how we build in Nigeria without studying what the future holds for that location we are building on,it becomes a sure bet that there must be issues in the future.
Alright,if I am correct,starting from the time of the former FCT minister, gov El-rufai, there has never been any intention to reconstruct,introduce or expand a major road or introduce factories,etc, according to the master plan which has not lead to the pulling down of people’s homes or public buildings. Unfortunately,we live in a country where the political system is completely damaged by greed,therefore,you may not or won’t even get compensated when your house is being dragged down,to create space for any futuristic project. For road constructions,expansion is usually done to achieve a double lane which is always one of the features of a city. This has been a major challenge faced by the Nigeria building industry when it comes to development of cities. Alright,that I mentioned urban doesn’t mean that you should not study the master plan of even your own village before you build.
Personally,I come from a village where everybody is dragging his father’s unbuilt land. Therefore,nobody wants to go and buy a new land in a better location. This is common among the less privileged or sometimes,it is done out of pride. This has done nothing but facilitate the annoying clustering of buildings with very little space like 1.5 meters between boundaries,that is if they actually have a fencing wall. Well,that’s really bad and of course an inhibition for development. I really pity this villagers though,why?because,those buildings will still be removed by urbanization and it usually leads to crisis,suicide,etc. Even my own house that is sited at the country side in my village,is facing a challenge because government has marked the “drive in and out” concrete connecting the gate of my compound to the street lane for removal. This is because we ignored constructing a gutter under the concrete. Our’s is not an issue because our building is not going down but the governor of my state who is presently starting up construction of streets in my village,is already on a ginger to remove many buildings that are obstructing. Currently,he is having a serious set back because he can’t open streets as he wants because many buildings will go down. This is why I am encouraging us to please look at the future when building,so that the future won’t look at you when it tries to build itself. How do we achieve this? As I said earlier,we can do this by paying a total attention to the master plan. Note: The master plan is the eye of every city because it sees the future. Please whatever building site that you have realized that it has been mapped out for government’s future use,please stay clear of that place and find another place,paying another attention to proper site or boundary set backs. Stay enlightened,do they right thing and stay of greed in the name of hustle.
About two weeks ago,I was in Owerri for a business meeting at Rock view hotel,it wasn’t long people started running around,when I came out from the hotel,I heard the story surrounding the Eke onunwa market which led to the crisis. For me,I have been visiting Owerri city and I know that the market is the an ancient and major market there and it is centralized and so always seen by visitors,but it is usually too clustered and dirty for a city. But because it is already there,and the villagers depend on it for livelihood,it has become had to be removed. So you will understand it is not too easy to start up a new life else where,just because,the government started up a project on your former site. The issue of Governor Fashola of Lagos state relocating Igbos who we all know how dominating they can be by spreading,building and establishing businesses all over the city,cannot be a strange new. Many lives where ruined and funny enough we can’t be updated on how many of them were able to cope. But personally,I believe that there is no way many of them won’t won’t end up very badly. Hope you get the point here. So,I will repeat this. Please plan the urban by obeying master plan before the city plans you. Thanks guys

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