The 11th century leaning tower of Pisa still stands till date

The Pisa tower is one of the four buildings that make up the cathedral complex in Pisa, Italy, called Campo dei Miracoli or Piazza dei Miracoli, which means Field of Miracles.

The first building constructed at Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa, was the cathedral, or Duomo di Pisa. the second building added was the Baptistry. Then work on the tower began but wasn’t completed before the cemetery Campo Santo was built.

Torre Pendente known as the leaning tower of Pisa is one of italy’s tourism site, an ancient wonder of the medieval time. Although it was designed to stand uptight at 90° from the floor, this tower has been tilting over time and has become a major tourist attraction in Europe. The height of the tower is 55.86 metres (183.27 feet) from the ground on the low side and 56.67 metres (185.93 feet) on the high side and until 1990, leaned at about 10°.

In the 11th century 1172, Donna Berta di Bernardo donated 60 silver coins to the local cathedral for the purchase of stones to be used in the base of a new bell tower.

Construction took over 200 years before completion. This was as a result of several halts during construction. There was the war factor, but it was also paused because the tower was beginning to lean right after constructing the second floor.

The cause of the lean, well, was the soil type on which this tower was built. It sat on soft ground on one side which composed mostly of composed mostly of clay, fine sand, and shells which couldn’t resist the weight of the structure. In 1178, work was halted for almost 100 years as Pisa fought wars. During this time, luckily the soil settled and work resumed afterwards.

The tower has eight stories, including the chamber for the bells. The bottom story consists of 15 marble arches. Each of the next six stories contains 30 arches that surround the tower.

The final story is the bell chamber itself, which has 16 arches. There is a 297 step spiral staircase inside the tower leading to the top.

In the 1920s the foundations of the tower were injected with cement grouting that has stabilized the tower to some extent. This grouting, according to CNN, is hoped to keep the tower for another 200 years.

Until recent years tourists were not allowed to climb the staircase inside the tower, due to consolidation work. But now the leaning Tower of Pisa is open again and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy.

Till date, nobody knows the architect that designed the leaning tower of Pisa.

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