The Clearest River In The World , The Valle Verzasca


The Valle Verzasca located in Ticino Switzerland has been named the clearest river in the world. It is a 30km long mountain river originating from Pizzo Barone and flowing into Lake Maggiore. It runs about 10m deep and runs an average temperature of 7-10°C. it is very cold, swimming here is highly prohibited. The river though is famous for scuba diving and the valley is known for bungee jumping.


The river is so clear that you can see very clearly what is at the bottom of the water. The jade green colored river is a romantic scene and perfect for a time out. It has very powerful undercurrents, it is so powerful nobody swims in it, and so cold sometimes nobody steps in it except on hot weathers.
Above the river runs the double arch of the Ponte dei Salti bridge that is as old as I can’t remember. Shots taken from the river by the first photographer that ever attempted an in-water shoot from the river shows the arch bridges clearly visible from the river. There is simply no life in this river, no specie of fishes or plants, simply none. And it has colored rocks and big rock pavements scattered underneath the water. If you’re looking for a place to swim, the Verzasca river is a no go area; but f you’re looking for a place to scuba dive, then this definitely a place for you.


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