This high road thrusts the gate tower in japan

Humans never cease to run out of ideas of ways of solving problems that bother them. The quest to solve problems brings about improvements and new versions of what already is. I guess this quest brings about advancement in development and technology.
The gate tower located in Osaka Japan is one of those problem solved cases. An office complex with a high road piercing through right in the middle. It wasn’t until a made my findings that I knew what led to this amazing engineering feat.

The land was occupied by charcoal and wood companies in the early meiji period. These companies ran out of business as human beings moved from charcoal to other sources of fuel. When the area got approved for development, a high way was planned to be constructed there. Usually the government would buy out the land from the owners, but in this case the owner refused to sell. This was commenced with a five year period of negotiations they settled for something. They would use their land to construct the office building they want to construct, and rent floors 5-7 to the government to build their road. So hanshin expressway cooperation became the tenants of these floors and that was how what you see today came about.
Today the road runs through the building through three floors. The road is wrapped in noise protection walls that keep noise away from the building. The floors adjacent to the high way contains only elevators, stairways and machinery. Inside the building, the elevator does not include buttons for floor 5, 6 and 7. The numbering goes from 1-4, then 8-16.
The building has 16 floors above the ground with two underground floors. It is an office complex belonging to Suezawa Sangyo Co. Ltd. Its height is 71.9m above the ground, was designed by Azusa Sekkei and Yamamoto-Nishihara Kenchiku Sekkei Jimushō and completed in 1992.

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