What To Do When Stuck In An Elevator

As smooth sailing as an elevator ride can be, somehow it can be very risky if for heaven-knows-what you get stuck in an elevator. Initially it could be hopeful, but when you spend few minutes in the elevator bank and it’s not moving yet, panic sets in. there is no cause for alarm, it might seem scary but there is nothing scary about it, just keep your cool.
Firstly, stay calm and don’t fret. Keep a calm spirit and prepare to get yourself out of the elevator. Instead of panicking, it is time to take a look at the button board and observe those keys that probably never drew your attention ever.
If the elevator is dark, use your phone’s touch as a source of light, locate the call button and press it as it will automatically connect you with the technical or maintenance personnel in the building. Wait patiently till the elevator is fixed and you’re able to get out. If there’s no response then it’s probably time to use the alarm button. Be sure no help is coming from the technical unit before you use the alarm button in order not to raise a false alarm. Only use the alarm button when you’ve exhausted all options; you can actually place a direct call to someone that can notify the technicians that a certain isn’t working. But if there is need to use the alarm button, then don’t hesitate to do that.
If there’s no response, then dial the emergency call line. In more developed climes, the emergency call line would be 911 for US and Canada and 112 for Europe; although some third world countries might not have this option.
Press the door open button to confirm if the building management has fixed the elevator. Maybe you can hit the door over and over again to attract people’s attention to the stranded elevator. If no help is forthcoming, pull the elevator car door open. This is not hard as only a magnetic interlock keeps them together. Before doing that pull or push the elevator ‘stop’ button to make sure the elevator doesn’t move while attempting to jump off. Before jumping, take note of the height at which the elevator is hanging, ensure it’s close enough to the floor before you attempt jumping.

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