What You Should Know Before Deciding To Become An Architect

1. The discipline is full of criticism and it has a way of making lecturers,find it hard to award you reasonable marks. I remember when i was in my first year and after being stressed only to be awarded marks like -8/10,i called my parents to buy a new jamb form for me. I told them that i didn’t mind starting afresh with another course. Funny right?

2. Make sure that you are ready to convert the stress to result or productivity,because if you are just studying Architecture for the prestige,then it is not necessary. Infact,i believe that it is only a student facing the stress already,that can testify
3. It is only the licensed Architects with seals that get so many jobs because of the massive trust they gain.
4. Don’t think you will be a star the minute you
graduate! Back in college, you took matters into
your own hands, designed, and made decisions.
That won’t be the case after graduation. You will
be executing somebody else’s ideas for a long
time before you can do your own.
5. You have to be GOOD at Mental Math. If not,
then you will have a hard time, as Arithmetic
Maths and Statistics are part of every architect’s
daily life.
6. Clients listen to contractors more than professionals. Can you handle the humiliation¿
They are talented at finding errors in your
drawings to make as much money as they can
out of them.

7. If you are signing up to become an Architect,just know that you are signing up to become a full time marketer. This is because,if you don’t work hard to make yourself known via marketing,your talent will waste.
you will even be outrun by talentless but good marketer.

8. Giving solicitations before obtaining your
permit can get you into trouble. There is a huge
legal responsibility that lies on your shoulders
as your work involves people’s safety and

9. Clients will definitely owe you you; others can
claim your ideas for themselves; contractors will
trick your clients for more money and blame you
for it. Your work can go unnoticed or worse, it
can be shelved and that make your worth,over shadowed. Please,be wise in defining yourself to be respected.

10. There is always very little room for error as
opposed to other professions in which you can
be cut some slack. After all, you are dealing with
the safety and welfare of people.

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