Why African Architects Should Introduce Organic Buildings To Their Clients

I want to introduce you to a style of building that is nature friendly. According to the Architect that made the term “organic Architecture” popular. Frank Lloyd Wright said that this type of house is the kind of building that doesn’t affect the site it is placed on. It marries the environment and becomes unified with it in other words,an organic building should look as if it grew out from the ground due to it’s unity with the ground. The second picture under this topic is a typical ancient organic building.you can see how it looks as if it grew out from the ground. Third picture is a modern organic small home that looks as if it grew out from the pool.

Alright,let’s quickly look at the properties of modern organic buildings. Modern organic buildings are already known to possess the following features,which are expansive windows,white paint,flat concrete slab roof, and sometimes grasses close to the building. Well,it is no more a surprise that this building style is seldom in Nigeria.
As I have gathered,the common fears with Nigerians when it comes to organic houses are that
1. Glasses are good conductors of cold and heat as well.
2. It is originally covered with flat concrete roof slab which absorbs water.
3. There is so much focus on money in nigeria that Architects don’t even have the mind to design what Nigerian clients don’t know because they don’t want any threat to their reputation
4. We have the mentality that the already existing common style is our own.
The above shouldn’t fears have limited nigerians to a particular building style and people keep raising structures here and there. It is painful to watch how nigerian Architects are denying people the opportunity to experience the beauty of organic building just because they are afraid of the above challenges.
It is time for nigerian Architects to begin to begin to introduce organic building in nigeria.
Let me quickly give you the reason why we should even do more of this building in nigeria. Well,the reason we should be designing this building is simply because there is a solution for everything and the above mentioned problems facing organic buildings have solutions that have also been existing but Nigerian Architects are just too afraid to try this solutions out.

For the first fear which is that glasses are good conductors of cold,I don’t think that such fear should be existing because nigeria has one of the countries with the very best moderate climatic conditions ever. Dry season is moderate,rainy season is moderate and harmattan tries to be harsh but if we should be a little more realistic,countries like south Korea,UAE and USA that beautify their environment with organic buildings have extreme weather cases compared to Nigeria but yet,they still go organic in construction and I am aware that they warm themselves with steam but I we all know that over here in Nigeria,window curtain is even enough to protect us alongside bed body covers.

For the second challenge which is the flat concrete roof slab,how come we have not asked ourselves whether those in Dubai actually battle with rainwater dropping in their houses? The answer is capital NO,they simple solution to this is to seal the top of the slab with polythene material and gluing it with coal tar paying much attention to where the slab joins with the external walls.
Another solution is covering it with aluminium and sloping it a bit for rain to run off. The fourth image is a modern organic building with a slab roof treated as explained aboove.

Alright,let me now hit you with what I have come up with on my own. I have come to realize that we can still cover an organic building with a roofing style known as “lean to” roof.
The last image which is the fifth figure is a house i designed and you can see how i covered it with red aluminum roof and it still look fine.
This building that i designed is loved by many people and it is also organic and yet covered with roof. I hope we now understand how beautiful this style can be.

For the third fear,I urge Nigerian Architects including me to please engage our clients with new concepts because the ball is in our court. It is what we design for them,that they will live in. You may tell me that they use to say what they want. That’s why I encourage you to design even when no one has given you contract and place it in platforms like nairaland,prodesigners.com.ng,facebook.etc. You will make them see it and change their mind.
For the fourth fear,please let’s change that idea of saying that this is our style and limiting the spirit of architecture because of money. As i always say,let’s make Nigeria beautiful.

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