Why You Should Build Your House With Salt

Concrete and mud have been the most convenient conventional building materials we’ve known for ages, even though mud is slowly losing its relevance. However, there are some other materials that are more economical and environment friendly like cake, salt, bottle, wood etc. maybe we will do a full scale article on some of these unusual but interesting materials that can be used to build as a matter of creativity. I know that so many who are not exposed to the reality of our evolving world will simply ask, “salt?” yea salt! Salt is a very important substance in our everyday life. Aside using it for cooking and other medicinal purposes, salt too can be used to construct a very strong house. Pardon me to introduce you to what we call ‘salt architecture’. There is a movement presently on usage of materials that grow organically and can always be reused. Since these materials can be reused, it poses a great advantage over the conventional materials.
The question is, if we start using salt to build, how will the production of salt be maximized to also sufficiently serve for food consumption? Well, God has blessed the earth with sea water which ofcourse which releases salt when it is dried by the sun. Therefore, the plan according to Geboers is to pump sea water into arid land and then allow the energy of the sun to distill the valuable fresh water, remember that our universe will never run dry of sea water completely. The resulting salt is now turned into a building material and then used for construction; creating a closed eco system with no waste.
Geboers says his new sale-based brick house is made from a mixture of salt and starch. The salt sticks to the starch and when tested, proves to be compressively stronger than a compacted or rammed earth. One interesting thing about the building is that salt is translucent and has a very shiny bright white color that reflects light.
Salt as we know can be easily dissolved by water (soluble) so one is expected to seal it with an epoxy. An epoxy when covering a salt house prevents it from dissolving in the rain or whenever it comes in contact. When your salt house is fully covered by an epoxy, you are at no risk of rain dissolving your mansion!

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