Won the 2018 building of the year at the World Architecture festival. kampung admiralty is located at 676 woodlands drive Singapore, was designed by WOHA Architects and completed in the year 2017. It is known as Singapore’s first integrated public development that brings together a mix of facilities and services under one roof. It is a multifunctional building serving residential, commercial and medical purposes; meeting the needs of Singapore’s ageing population.
It’s designed to meet the following needs-
Retail shops and community plaza in the lower stratum
A medical centre in the middle stratum
Community park with apartment for seniors in the upper stratum
The admiralty contains a total of 104 apartments provided in two 11-storey blocks for elderly singles or couples. A 900-seater Hawker centre is also located in the second stratum. The mid stratum’s medical centre is adorned with perimeter windows. The waiting and consulting area is adorned with a floor to ceiling curtain wall window, same with courtyard, to enable light and ventilation in the building. Admiralty contains facilities for eldercare and childcare.
The community park is an elevated area of greenry scattered with trees and lots of garden flowers. Residents come together to tend to community farms, exercise, chat and generally have an interactive time together.
The medical centre means residents don’t have to drive all the way to the hospital for health purposes; but rather just go to the medical centre for their treatment including surgeries. The kampung (village) is perfect for the ageing population.

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