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15 Graphic Design Trends for 2024

15 trends in design that I’ve recognized in the market, which will significantly influence the creative industry in 2024. It’s essential to understand that a trend in design is a movement that has gained broad enough usage to be recognizable.

Trends aren’t always entirely brand new; rather, they serve as inspiration or a starting point for your work. Let’s explore these trends, keeping in mind that knowing them is critical for informing your work and keeping clients informed as well.

Trend #1: Heat Mapping

Heat mapping is characterized by blends of color, often depicted as a rainbow emanating from a source object. This technique is being used in various areas, from apparel to home furnishings, app design, print media, and web design.

Trend #2: Activist

In response to the intense political landscape, the activist trend celebrates designers who lead the way in highlighting injustice and inspiring action. It acknowledges the creative industry’s role in being a global voice for good.

Trend #3: Anarchist

Reminiscent of maximalism and glitch trends, the anarchist trend embraces complete visual anarchy in imagery, color, and typography, creating visual chaos and often relying on digital static or complex photographic collage.

Trend #4: Botanica

In contrast to digital trends, the Botanica trend brings us back to physical reality, incorporating plant life to create a sense of peace and calm. It is used in product packaging, spirits, print advertising, and wayfinding.

Trend #5: Scrapbooking

A modern twist on collage, scrapbooking involves a vibrant mix of imagery and textures, nodding to the historical art of collage. It’s effective in traditional print media, magazines, posters, web design, editorial illustration, and advertising.

Trend #6: Digital Deconstructivist

A digital homage to the deconstructivism movement, this trend shakes up graphic design with layered complexity, unexpected juxtapositions, and a deconstructivist use of typography. Ideal for interactive media and motion graphics.

Trend #7: Environmental Typography

Breaking out of digital confines, environmental typography blends graphic design and architecture, using bold letters and numbers on a human scale. Applications include wayfinding, corporate buildings, brand experiences, and retail spaces.

Trend #8: Geometrica

Celebrating the simplicity and harmony of geometric forms, Geometrica draws inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and Swiss style. Bold, youthful colors and meticulously organized shapes make it suitable for mobile app interfaces, web design, print, and packaging.

Trend #9: Golden Era

Exuding luxury and sophistication, Golden Era leverages gold to differentiate from common silver and chrome. Perfect for brands aiming to convey premium quality and timelessness in print, packaging, fashion, digital media, and environmental design.

Trend #10: Kitty Land

A playful trend tapping into the joy of childhood, Kitty Land uses bright colors, whimsical illustrations, and fun typefaces. Suitable for consumer packaging, education materials, interactive design, and marketing campaigns.

Trend #11: Better Red

Capturing the power and intensity of red, Better Red uses this bold color to create impact and focus. Ideal for brands looking to take a powerful stance in websites, posters, or product packaging.

Trend #12: Elasto Type

A dynamic trend where typography is felt, not just read. Elasto Type extends fonts beyond their usual limits, conveying a sense of motion. Effective in web design, print, and any medium where bold typography is crucial.

Trend #13: Flared Fonts

Bringing whimsy and character to typography, flared fonts feature curves, embellishments, and a tangible sense of movement. Suitable for creative poster designs, editorial headlines, and brands seeking a unique voice.

Trend #14: Vintage Americana

A rejection of the modern, Vintage Americana offers a nostalgic nod to a classically American design aesthetic. Perfect for brands aiming to establish heritage and tradition in print, digital, apparel, and spirits.

Trend #15: AI Assimilation

Marking the evolution of artificial intelligence, AI assimilation becomes a fundamental aspect of creative design in 2024. Characterized by mind-bending detail and precision, it reshapes entire industries, including fine arts, industrial design, product design, transportation, architecture, fashion, accessories, packaging, layout, and animation.

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